Planning For Kitchen Remodelling

Kitchen remodeling is a fantastic way to revitalise your living space, make your life easier and will certainly increase the value of your property.

Your first step is to establish a budget for your remodelling project – how much money are you willing to spend? Your finished project will reflect the money and time you have invested in planning for and installing your new kitchen. And a new kitchen is just that – an investment

A new kitchen can enrich your day-to-day life, as well as your home as a whole. Be sure to include a safety net in your budget, just in case any unexpected costs suddenly arise.

After establishing your budget, begin to research kitchen trends. Prior to the start of the project, your idea of what you want may change a few times. Researching the market trends will help ensure your vision is contemporary and will age well – what new features would you like to include

Start a file or scrapbook, collecting ideas and pictures, fabric swatches or any other items from kitchens or features you love; don’t forget to show these to us so we can help you establish your dream kitchen!

Do you want brand new cabinets or do you want to revitalise existing cabinetry with a splash of paint and some new hardware? Do you want to reface existing cabinets? Both of these options will prove more cost effective than brand new cabinets.

If you are choosing to install new cabinets, however, consider adding some effective features to make the most of your space, such as pull-out garbage disposal, a lazy Susan in a corner cabinet, or tilt out drawers. Shop around to ensure you are as informed as possible before making a purchase.